Season of SAD

With fall here and winter fast approaching I wanted to share some research with everyone to help keep the sadness away.

This time of year is always difficult for me. I do the same thing I do all year long being vigilant on taking my meds, getting enough sleep and seeing my therapist but yet my anxiety begins to stir despite my best efforts. So sometimes I have to go into my toolbox and arm myself with additional weapons to battle the darkness.

The first link is discussing which SAD light is best for helping with season affective disorder but at the bottom it goes into detail on what light therapy is, who it helps and how to use it affectively:

The second link I am posting is to a review on Vitamin D3. Those of us who live in Michigan and other areas with decreased sunlight or time outside in the winter months are at high risk for low vitamin D levels. My levels usually range in the critical zones during these winter months and can cause serious affects on mental health even in individuals who don’t normally suffer from symptoms. So here are the reviews in several supplements and which will be the best to take:

Arm yourself friends we are in for a battle and we will win. The last thing I want to encourage as I always do is to reach out. Learn who your people are, those who are no judgmental and support you unconditionally. Tell your tribe what you are battling, no one should battle this darkness alone or feel less for facing this horrible disease. It wants you to feel alone. It wants to separate you. It wants to win. Don’t let it! Tell your loved ones you’re struggling. Let them help you. Let them love you. Let them support you because together we are always stronger! Remember; United we stand, apart we fall.

Keep fighting warriors!

I am always here if you ever need to vent, you are never alone. ❤️

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