Too busy for mental health…

I recently had someone reach out to me who has been struggling, feeling like “it never ends” too busy to take care of themselves, too busy to let it all go…

We live in such a busy society. A society that frowns upon the “lazy” or the “unmotivated”.

We push and we push and we push until we meet our breaking point.

We literally make ourselves ill with busyness, unable to slow down until our bodies scream out in protest refusing to do another thing until we are forced to rest, forced to take a sick day.

We feel guilty for saying “no” and we forget what makes us feel good. Taking time for ourselves is surely a selfish thing and anything selfish is bad, right?!

On an airplane the stewardess instructs us to put our own oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else in an emergency… why in our daily life do we completely forget about self care, why is it only in a crisis we protect ourselves?

Why is exercising healthy mental health awareness by taking time to ourselves, for ourselves considered selfish instead of healthy?

Would you tell a person with coronary artery disease to only eat healthy if they are having a heart attack?

Only tell a diabetic to use insulin if they were in DKA?

Would it be sane to tell a person with high blood pressure to only take medication if they are having a stroke?!

Mental health illness can strike anyone at any time for any reason and yet we fail to prevent it. We fail to take preventative measures for the most avoidable deadly disease there is.

Suicide is not a self inflicted death by a weak person. It is a death caused by an unrecognized fatal disease that is infecting our society because we as a society are failing to recognize it as such, a silent fatal disease.

So many people are afraid to speak out and the disease digs deeper infecting more and more of a persons soul and still we stay silent. It’s a slow lonely progression, afraid to speak out for fear of ridicule and shame. Being told we are dramatic. Being told we play the role of a victim well.

Those of you who fail to recognize it for what it is, contribute to the growing mortality rate. Calling its victims crazy and unstable. Refusing to recognize it, does not change what it is nor does it help the growing issue or the person you torment with your disbelief and lack of support…

I’m really not sure what I want to accomplish with this blog.

Those who believe it is a disease I hope to encourage you to speak out and reach out to those around you who seem like they are okay but maybe just maybe appear extremely busy, too busy to take a moment for themselves. To listen to those around you who feel overwhelmed or saddened by the burdens of life. To not make them feel over the top. To help them maybe see from a different perspective or simply to listen to them vent because sometimes that’s all that’s needed to unload the burden from our shoulders, instead of always holding it in until it ultimately implodes on us…

Those who fail to recognize or want to demonize those with mental health illness I know I won’t change your mind. I know nothing I can do or say will make a difference but maybe just maybe it will plant a seed. Maybe someday if someone you love is going through something like I have gone through then maybe your eyes will be softened with love, grace and understanding. I pray that you never get as close to it as I have been and that you never have to feel what I have felt.

I pray for peace and I pray for understanding for everyone going through what I have been through. As always, if anyone ever needs an ear to listen, I am here.🧡

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