Choosing who we are

I am not ashamed of where I have been. The path I am on has taken many detours and hit many road blocks…

some people think that I am too open, too honest, too transparent and you’re entitled to your opinion.

We are all who we are and this is me.

I’m learning about St. Ignasius a selfish vein man who once met with great struggles turned his ways to the Lord and started a life of selflessness to glorify God.

I’m also learning about Dr. Paul Farmer an American Doctor who started his life poor living on a bus with 5 siblings who became transfixed on the lifestyles of the wealthy during college but ultimately chose to live his life serving others with the belief that God is with the poor and lowly servants.

Pena Chodron is the first female American Buddhist nun who was divorced twice before turning her life to teaching others about the detriment of our human need to be self destructive and negative…

Buhdda… Mother Teresa… and so many more have dedicated their lives to teaching how to be less stressed and more blessed to put it in simple terms…

Only Jesus is sinless. Only Jesus skipped the selfish phase of life we all resort to.

No one person is better than the other. We all have our own paths to take and everything happens for a reason. Every failure and every victory comes with a lesson and it is up to us to decipher what that lesson may be and to learn from it.

Last night I dreamt of meeting with one of my sisters and being embraced by her and forgiven. I miss her terribly. I have faith that time will heal all wounds and what I have already forgiven myself of will be forgiven by others as well.

I found the above quote online… no author to take credit but what it says is profound.

“Each day you get to decide which one you will be”

Isn’t it great that every day is a new day. That who we were tomorrow does not have to be who we are today?

Our sins have been forgiven. We don’t deserve forgiveness but God has found us worthy and he has already forgiven us through the blood of his son. Who are we to question that forgiveness? Who are we to hold others accountable for their sins? Who are we to act greater than God and tell others who they need to be?

My sins have been paid for. Your sins have been paid for. In the grand scheme of things our small problems are nothing in the eyes of God so why must we blow every thing out of proportion and make such a big deal over trivial things that ultimately do not matter…

we are all of the flesh. We all make mistakes. We all sin. No matter how much we repent. How much we want to be better, do better, there will be times that we fail. God sees our failure and still loves us. God sees our true intentions and loves us anyway. Who are we to continue the hate. Who are we to question God’s great plan. Who are we to demand answers and require understanding that is beyond our capabilities?

It is what it is, is so much more than a saying. I am learning to leave it alone. I am not always the best in doing so especially when I do want to let people know I am thinking of them, I forgive them and I am here for them when they are ready but that is all that I can do and it is not on me to be ashamed for the healing I have come through.

  • If you don’t see me for who I am, what I am, and the true intentions behind my words, that is okay. That says nothing about me and more about where you are at on your own journey of healing.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to remember that but I think it’s important for us to remember. Our actions are our own decisions, they have nothing to do with those around us and everything to do with how we ourselves are coping and healing. Healthy or not we are the only ones responsible for our actions.
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