Prayer for strength

Dear Lord hear my call

Fill my heart with peace and open my eyes, for I am weak and you are my strength. I can not carry these burdens alone and if I try I will certainly crumble and fall.

Give me strength to face adversity and to forgive those who have trespassed against me.

Give me the insight to show people the way; to lead them to the light, to teach them how to lay down their burdens at the foot of the cross where Jesus paid for our sins with his great loss.

I surrender to your plan. I surrender to your power. I am your flower to water and tend to. I will bloom and blossom with your word and promise. I may not see the big picture or understand what all of this is for but I know that there is something greater in store.

Reach me to my core and cast out any darkness remaining, any part of the beast lying in wait anything not of you, I don’t want it.

Let my ears be deaf to gossip. Let my eyes only see you. Let my mouth speak the truth. Let my heart be filled with only you. Let me be a beacon of light shining bright for all to see you living inside me. Let my passion shine through and be directed through you.

Let those who can not see yet be filled with peace and begin to retreat because with you standing beside me there will be no defeat. No other protection needed. Nothing to beat.

I’m learning to crawl and hold your hand through it all and trust that you would never let me fall. ❤️

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