love and encouragement

love all the love.

Mike sends it in tenfold and it means more than any of you will ever know.

ginger snaps- i hold my wooden cross all day long

cph – my nurse my strength my momma bear love you and appreciatr you

rm – longest friend most genuine person i know i love you

hg – girl cousins need a playdate soon, appreciate your love

berta – thinking of you and appreciate you

k- the only nondrama person in our family i couldnt live without you. you are my strength you are my solid ground you have filled your moms shoes proudly and i know she is watching and guiding you soundly love you

deer- ill be okay. i love you. i appreciate you. you are so much morr important than you know

mama d – keep fighting the good fight and keep those teen drama queens in line. we got this. love you

….so much more but ive gotta go for now.

One thought on “love and encouragement

  1. Keep holding that head high!!! Keep kicking those demons ass’s!!
    Remember your worth!!!
    And you dear are Loved by many!!
    Thinking of you often…
    Love you!
    From another who doesn’t have her shit straight but is ok with that!

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