Look in the mirror.

You listen to what I say but you never really hear me…

Why is telling me that “no one will ever be good enough for you” a negative thing?!

I know my worth.

I’m constantly trying to improve myself and be better than I was yesterday.

Why is expecting the same from a partner, best friend or family member wrong?

Shouldn’t we all try to improve?

Shouldn’t we all reassess and look deep inside to try and find our own weaknesses and what it is that we are trying to hide by pointing out others flaws and putting the spotlight on anyone but ourselves?

Why do I always apologize when I’m not the only one who has done wrong?

Because that’s what you do to get better. You recognize your wrongs and you try to make them right.

You forgive yourself and you move forward.

Forgiveness is healthy.

Holding grudges and never fully moving forward has never been productive.

When you find hate in your heart you should know that the only thing you hate in others is what you truly despise in yourself.

So if you find someone completely deplorable maybe you’re the one that’s in need of some profession help.

It’s not me that you hate, it’s you.

Take a look in the mirror and see you for you and stop trying to tear me down for the you that you see in me.

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