Walk out/in

I really hate politics.

I usually don’t comment on them at all, mostly because I am admittedly ignorant as to many of the worldly things because my world is small and includes my kids, friends, family and career but I feel compelled to share a different point of view.

I recognize that in some areas my ignorance is part of the problem and the older I get the more I attempt to resolve these ignorance’s but let’s be honest with 6 kids and working full time it’s a slow progression…

However here is one area I feel passionate about and a little less ignorant on…

With so many schools participating in a walk out or walk in or whatever they choose to do to promote a safe school environment, gun control or simply recognizing the lives lost to unnecessary violence in our schools today I really had to reflect and decide what was best for my girls and what conversation I was going to have with them.

what I came up with is pretty simple.

I pledge to put mental health as a priority.

I pledge to teach my children that it is okay to see a therapist.

I pledge to teach my children that regular mental health checks with a trained professional and not just crisis prevention through emergency or primary care is normal.

I pledge to teach my children that having adverse feelings is okay.

I pledge to teach my children that not everyone will like them and that’s okay.

I pledge to teach my children that it does not matter what a person does to you but how you respond is a show of your character.

I pledge to teach my children that violence in the absence of fighting for their life is NEVER justified.

I pledge to teach my children to stand up and speak out not only for themselves but for those around them, but I pledge to teach them the right way to do so without firing back insult for insult or hate for hate.

I pledge to be the change and to teach my children to be the change not because I fear if I’m not kind to someone they may harm me but because by choosing hate it infects our soul and harms us more than any other person could ever harm us.

I pledge to change the voice inside my own head and in doing so hopefully I will set an example for my children and maybe just maybe others who also struggle with mental health disease like me.

The change can only start within yourself, you can’t help others who don’t know they need help.

Be the change. Change the voice.

Walk out and go see your therapist when you need to because being mentally healthy will get you a lot farther in life than an A in science.

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