You hide behind the veil of the internet seething and oozing your hate and anger. Spewing untruths because of your own inadequacies unable to accept the fact that people do in fact change and that sometimes people are better off without you. 

Instead of reflecting on your own internal struggles and making yourself better you criticize and attempt to shame others for the hate you hold inside when the hate you aim at others is misplaced because your heart is black and charred and the only one you have to blame is yourself. 

You don’t affect me. You don’t hurt me. Your anger only hurts you, it bubbles and it boils breeding anger and hate inside your own soul creating a toxic environment inside yourself aimed at me but destroying your own peace. 

I don’t write this because I’m hurt. I don’t write this because you affect me. I write this because I pity you, you pitiful angry soul. I write this because maybe I will plant a seed, that your problem is not with me, your problem is clear to see. You’re holding onto something inside that is bitter and you feed the anger that breeds negativity in your own life. 

You don’t know me. Even if you knew me before you don’t know the new me. I was destroyed by something I was missing inside, trying to find happiness in all that I seemed to unconvincingly hide. I died even if it was only inside. That person you speak of is dead, she is gone and I don’t have to justify or hide who I was because she no longer resides inside of myself, she is buried and gone. 

I pray that you find peace. I pray that you are able to let go of the anger and hate that lives inside your soul. I don’t think it was me who hurt you. I don’t think this anonymous blaster has anything to do with me but I think you see something inside me that you’re jealous of. Something that reminds you of the one that hurt you. Angry that I am able to move on and not be tied to the horrible things of my past like you are to yours and whoever hurt you. 

I know that most of my words will fall on deaf ears but my hope is that someday it will take root and start to grow inside until your own light shines brighter than the sun outside. We all have it inside, you just have to cultivate the positive you want in your life instead of growing this festering evil inside. Hating me does not hurt me it hurts you and until you realize that you are holding onto the burning coal of anger you are the only one who will be burned by the embers that you hold. 

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