Facebook official…

Not exactly sure how I feel about the “Facebook official” of my husband and his girlfriend… divorce will be final 3.6.17 and yes it will go through. I don’t want him back. He has nothing I want. I kind of feel sorry for the poor girl but her divorce is not final either so apparently their morals are very similar, I mean they did get together right in front of her husband so that in and of itself speaks volumes…

I got a little drunk last night when I saw Snow White outside pigeon hill where I was headed with my girls…. I slammed some Jameson with the mindset of “fuck it, I look pretty and I have all my girlfriends with me so why not meet the pitiful soul who thinks my garbage is her treasure…” but low and behold they bounced as soon as I walked through the door…

I don’t have to do anything. I don’t have to react. What they do is of no consequence to me. There is no score to settle. No ill will to enforce. Everyone deserves to be happy including them. Doesn’t mean I have to be happy, mad, glad or sad. They are nothing to me.

I am happy and at peace. I don’t need to take jabs or throw anything in their face like they try to do to me. It just shows how shallow and insecure they are. I’ll sit here on my thrown and be the bigger person, chin up head held high knowing I’m the one who will thrive and they just simply survive.

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