Hate only breeds more hate, but sometimes hate needs to be felt for a moment in time so you don’t end up with the same fate you commiserate…

I’m not always pretty. I’m not always sane. I get fucking sick and tired of always taking the blame. Just because I’m smarter, just because you’re lame. just because I want my girls to have you in their life. More than just presence, more than just “he came” I want you to realize I’m sick of your mother fucking game!

I wanted to be nice. I wanted to take the high road. Little did I know you have no fucking code, no rhyme nor reason, no logistics mode. You worry about you and and have no respect for anyone but yourself, and frankly even that is lacking. I’m sick of you. I fucking hate you!

I’m smart, I’m logical, I get that I’m wrong but I’m sick of his bullshit and never being held to the standards of which mothers belong. I’m sick of being understanding, caring and kind. I just want to let out the fucking devil that I hide.

She is swift and she is scorned, she will fucking end your life with one lick of her horn. She has power. she has fury. So don’t play around or you will find in a hurry that you’re nothing to mourn!

You’re hiding and fighting the things that you fear. You find happiness in the first girl that is near. You’re never going last. Boo fucking hoo, get over your past. Grow the fuck up and face who you are. Because until you do you will never be anything. not up to par.

You’ve never known sacrifice the way that I have. you stumble and crawl and pretend to fall so that you get sympathy and that maybe I’ll call. But it’s all just a farce your depth is so sparse all you want is someone who does it all, someone who will fall into that trap of deception you set for us all.

Soon they will see. And it’s me that will be, presented the fee. Because I chose a boy instead of a toy. I traded one daddy issue for a baby daddy boy who was hated and jaded from the lack of true core. No ambition or drive for him to contrive. But still I tried.

I tried and I tried to make him see that he could be more than just the core he was given to score and together we could move mountains and reach for the sky.

But he didn’t have vision. He didn’t have drive. And soon I came to realize I couldn’t do the work that he needed inside….

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